Welcome to DevJailbreak official website where you can download our PlayStation Jailbreak software with the latest custom firmware to enable full potential features and play all pirated games for free.

PS4 Console

Install with USB

All you have to do with a USB to install PlayStation jailbreak on your console.

Play Pirate Games

After jailbreaking your PlayStation, you will be able to play all pirate games free from any torrent websites.

playstation 4 pro console

Remove Jailbreak

If you wish to remove PlayStation jailbreak on your console, just update the official firmware from official website with any latest firmware version.

Play on PSN

Our PlayStation jailbreak help to protect your PSN to avoid being banned from Sony PlayStation. We have enabled anti-ban and undetected to make sure you are safe to use with 100% guarantee.

Install Jailbreak on Your PlayStation

What are you waiting for? Jailbreak your PlayStation now for Free.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can jailbreak on all PlayStation models and they are all compatible to do it.

Yes, with our PlayStation jailbreak, we have enabled the anti-ban and undetected with 100% guarantee safe to use.

After your PS4 jailbreak, you can download any games from PSN with free of cost. No need to buy games with your credit.

Yes, simply update the official firmware from Sony PlayStation and your PS4 will be reversed.